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Reading List


Relevant reading material for people with dementia and their carers.  This is produced for information and is not necessarily a recommended reading list.

Let us know of any books or publications you have read and particularly enjoyed or found helpful.


The National Dementia Strategy published by the Department of Health February 2009

download National Dementia Strategy

Now Where Did I Put My Glasses? – Caring for Your Parents – A Practical and Emotional Lifeline written by Jackie Highe published by Simon & Shuster UK Ltd.    
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Becoming a Carer: A Booklet about looking after someone with dementia produced by the Mental Health Foundation


download or call 020 78031100 for a free copy

Caring for a Parent in Later Life written by Judith Cameron published by Life Guides  

Contented Dementia written by Oliver James published by Vermilion

Living in the Labyrinth: a personal journey through the maze of Alzheimer's by Diana McGowin published by Elder Books  

The Daily Telegraph Caring for Loved Ones in Old Age published by Lawpak Publishing Ltd.

Caring for your Elderly Parent written by Julia Bunton-Jones published by Sheldon Press  
Elder Rage written by Jacqueline Marcell published by Impressive Press  
Losing Clive to Younger Onset Dementia One Family’s Story written by Helen Beaumont published by Jessica Kingsbury Publishers  
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What Shall We Do With Mother? written by Rosie Stal and Richard Craze published by White Ladder Press

Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s : The New Approach to Living Positively With Alzheimer’s Disease written by Joanne Koenig-Coste published by Vermilion  
Understanding Dementia by Alan Jacques published by Churchill Livingstone  

The Simplicity of Dementia – A Guide for Family and Carers written by Huub Buijssen published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Challenging Behaviour in Dementia – A Person-Centred Approach written by Graham Stokes published by Speachmark Publishing Ltd.


And Still The Music Plays: Stories of People With Dementia written by Graham Stokes published by Speachmark Publishing Ltd.

Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias written by Harry Cayton, Dr. Nori Graham, Dr. James Warner published by Class Publishing  

Remind Me Who I Am, Again written by Linda Grant published by Granta Books


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Dancing with Dementia - My Story of Living Positively With Dementia written by Christine Bryden published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers  
Caring for Someone with Dementia (Carer's Handbook) written by Jane Brotchie published by Age Concern Books  
Coping with Dementia - A Handbook for Carers written by Kate Fearnely published by NHS Health Scotland  
Who Cares? Information and support for the carers of people with dementia published by the Department of Health

download Who Cares? or call 08701 555 455 for a free copy.

Find the Right Care Home:  a step-by-step companion written by Rosemary Hurtley and Julia Burton Jones published by Age Concern England  
What If It's Not Alzheimer's - A Caregiver's Guide to Dementia written by Lisa and Gary Radin published by Prometheus Books (this book is specifically about frontotemporal dementia)  

You Are Words: Dementia Poems written by John Killick published by Hawker (compiled from the words of people with dementia)

Openings: Dementia Poems and Photographs by J Killick and C Cordonnier published by Hawker



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