What type of Hair Transplant Surgery Should You Consider?

Hair loss affects a lot of people around the world and can affect people from all different age groups.

While it is true that a lot of people would love to take care of their hair problems, some people are just not sure which surgery is right from them. When thinking of surgery a person should always go through the different kinds of surgery there are and do some research to find out what it entails, what the side effects are and any pain or discomfort that is involved.

Let’s take a guide through the different surgeries available in the modern world.

Hair plugs, large grafts and even mini grafts are outdated surgeries that are not up to the standards a lot of other hair transplant surgeries are up to in today’s world.

Some surgeries like follicle unit hair transplants are perfect for people who are unsure of what kind of surgery they should get. Follicle unit hair transplants are less painful, less time consuming and more effective than many other surgeries that are done today.

For instance, a scalp reduction surgery is where the balding scalp is cut and the scalp itself is stretched to be pieced back to the existing scalp for suturing. This surgery can cause a lot of pain and even some pulling sensations at the scalp and then it has been found to not work as effectively as follicle unit hair transplants.

A follicle unit hair transplant surgery works by plucking groups of one, two, three or four hairs from their place and inserted into the balding area. There is always a certain amount of discomfort and even pain from a surgery, however, with follicle unit hair transplants you are in less pain and the scarring is very minimal.

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