What are the main causes of hair loss?

Men who wake up in the morning and notice there follicles of hair on their pillow and a pronounced receding hairline in the mirror may become alarmed. They are losing their hair and are at a loss as to why. Discovering the reasons behind hair loss is not all that difficult. A cursory amount of research will quickly reveal the common causes why this it occurs.

The most common reason people lose their hair is due to genetics. In short, if there are others in your family who are bald then the odds are likely your hair loss is simply the result of your genes. Obviously, you cannot reverse the presence of the gene so this can be considered an unavoidable cause of hair loss.

In a similar vein, you cannot prevent or reverse hair loss due to aging. How could you? You cannot stop the hands of time from moving forward and this means you cannot stop the effects of aging on the body and this includes hair loss.

Hormonal changes in the body would be another example of an unavoidable metabolic or genetic reaction can lead to hair loss.

There are other factors which can contribute hair loss which could be curtailed. Frequent use of certain hair treatment products would be among the most common of the “self-inflicted” means of hair loss. Basically, dyes, bleaches, and other products weaken the hair causing it to fall out. A hair transplant is a good way to return hair, though.

Infections of the scalp can also cause a loss of hair. Among the most prevalent of these types of infections would be ringworm. Ringworm is a fungus which can lead to circular hair loss patches on the scalp if not treated. There are also medical treatments which can be the cause of hair loss with chemotherapy being the most commonly cited. Psychological conditions also exist which lead to people literally pulling out their own hair uncontrollable.

Essentially, there are causes of hair loss which are treatable and those that are not. Depending upon the reason for your hair loss, you may be able to take steps to curtail it.

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