The top three home whitening treatments available on the high street

Tooth whitening has become incredibly popular and many people won’t be seen out and about without a perfect white smile. The celebrity trend for ultra-white teeth has influenced people and whitening has gone from strength to strength, with a range of new treatments on offer. White teeth look bright, healthy and attractive and they can really make a difference to your confidence and overall wellbeing.

Home whitening is a really popular option because it is usually significantly cheaper than professional treatment and it is really east and convenient. You can get your new white smile without even leaving home and that’s really appealing to many consumers. There is a huge amount of choice out there, so which treatments are best and how do you know which systems to invest in? Here are 3 of the top home whitening treatments:

1. Crest Whitestrips: Crest Whitestrips are among the most popular home whitening treatment. The strips are applied directly to the teeth and cost in the region of £30-£80 and there is a whole range of products available from Express whitening strips, which claim to work in just one hour, to Advanced Vivid strips, which are specially designed to tackle yellow stains.

2. WhiteWash whitening strips: these strips can be worn for just 1 hour per day to give a bright white glow and have been a huge success in the USA, as well as in the UK. Each strip contains whitening agent, which is mint flavoured, and the strips are simply placed on top of the teeth; they are flexible, so they adjust to the shape of your teeth for a comfortable fit.

3. Rapidwhite: Rapidwhite is one of the UK’s best-selling home whitening systems and includes a range of products, from whitening strips to whitening boost solutions and daily whitening toothpaste.

How can I find out more about tooth whitening?

If you’d like to find out more about tooth whitening or any other cosmetic treatments, search online for more information about cosmetic dentistry or ask your dentist for advice and recommendations. Home whitening products can be effective, but dentists recommend professional treatments because they are safer and the results are better and last longer.

As well as offering in-chair professional whitening treatments, many dental clinics also provide premium home whitening kits. The difference is that a dentist will check your teeth before you start treatment; this is important because whitening can cause sensitivity and if you already have weak enamel or you have signs of decay, this will get worse once you start using whitening products. If you are unsure about which products to use, it is always best to ask your dentist for advice. 

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